Excuse Me…. How Do You Write?


Destiny is written within us all, each footstep is a word, each mile is a sentence and each life is a book, the novel shall be finished no matter how the ending.- Creative Writer Alexander Kennedy.

A day in a life of me, you ask?

What weird knowledge to acquire; each to their own. Some people want sex, others money but for people like you, knowledge is your power, and the power you gain will make you answer the dark questions that are scratching from under your skin; because in my world, we’re all insane, we’re all monsters and murderers; sanity is the illness and the world is just another pill ready for you to pop.

Now as I write, I am writing something that has never been written before, a style of writing that has never been attempted because no one has ever tried non-fiction-fiction. In layman’s terms, basically, my reality when fantasy comes knocking at my skull, an awake-daydream if you will.

This is where our paths pass on one another, you write in a 2D fashion and I don’t only think outside the box, I live there. I live in a place where the my monsters under the bed actually come out and literally try to drag me into the darkness to be gobbled-up.

You should write like children see! What?

I always think the best way to write is to write like a kid, because the way children view the world is sometimes very eerie.

“I love you so much I want to take you head with me in my bag, so I get to see you every time I want.” Thanks to my niece for being really lovely and sweet but also freaking me.

Their view is not harmful but can be classed as “Kind-of-out-there.” I am not saying write like. “The trees are brown, I was wearing black shoes and there were loads and loads of chocolates that fell from the sky.” But see the world in innocent eyes, WHAT IS IT TO YOU?

If I had lived in the medieval times and I came to the present-day and saw an army tank, how would I describe it?

“It was a mental elephant; undead with its dragged screech from its feet; spitting its exploding rocks, taking clumps of life from every structure. The head of the beast turns completely around and heads in for a formidable battle.”

See it like you have never seen it before; it brings the reader into your eyes. No one has ever told you this but most writers who give you information on creative writing from websites and blogs are holding back the major amounts of crucial detail you need because YOU ARE THE COMPETITION! They do not want you to succeed because it will mean less for them.

But I like a little anarchy and if you take on all my information on how to write and become a legend i your own right. That’s awesome. Forget the system, forget the rules.

Write what you love! Write what you need to! It cured me of mental illness. It could cure you of your sanity. So become something great today in words and shock the world with yourself.

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5 responses to “Excuse Me…. How Do You Write?

  1. I’ve never thought of description that way, but you’ve nailed it. Stepping back and seeing through the eyes of an innocent feels fresh and has a great feel to it. Great post.


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    HOW DO YOU WRITE? – REBLOGGED! Read and like!!


  3. Very interesting reading…


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