Why Mental-Illness Can Save Someone’s Life

We're all a little insane

Why Mental Illness Can save Someone’s Life

So I’m crazy. The doctors drilled it into me, mom and dad wept for me, brothers and sisters didn’t pick on me and friends stayed clear of me. Can you blame them? But we’re all a little crazy, the world is one big mental asylum and all the countries are personal padded cells for all nationalities. But in this day and age, broken is the new fixed.

And for me as a warped minded writer, this gives me a certain advantage over other scribblers out there. Yes, they have fancy educations. Yes, they have big bank accounts. Yes, their daddies know the right people and connections. But no, they do not have a genuine gift as I do. Yes, I am poverty ridden, broke to pockets seams. I failed high school, except for English. This is where I triumph.

I do remember heading to school once; my feet sprawled out on the top deck of the double-decker bus. I was having major headache recently, but I hide it well because I had no one to complain too. I was still a geeky teen in high school. My bus stop was coming up and I stood and shaking I walked down the bus aisle. As I reached the stairs blackness hit my eyes and the next thing I knew I was on my back covered in cuts and bruises and a bus full of people laughing at me. I made a hasty retreat from my embarrassment.

That was the first time I blacked out, this was the onset for something dark coming into focus readying itself to consume me. I at never played truant from school, I always did the right thing, which made me a target for the bullies. I never wanted to be this guy but this is the result of my history that shifted my geography, since then my mathematical problems doubled, tripled and quadrupled and within my science all I am left with is the P.E. I learned that made me run away with a pipe-dream for bad English and dark-side of the human anatomy and biology for my evil fiction homework.

But as my good behaviour shifted into a bad attitude, I felt I gain control of myself, finally. No longer was I a robot stricken by routine. And when my imagination hit me between the eyes, I concocted a devilish plan, use what I have and write everything you can.

Now this is easier said than done; especially when you have no money, no help and no readers. First thing was first, I needed a computer. I needed money for a computer, I needed a job. For a job I needed the right grades, which I didn’t have. Shop work it is (I am still working here by the way.) So now I have my computer, a little money, not a lot but hey, we writers have to start somewhere.

But if it wasn’t for my mental illness, I’m sure I would have given up on my life a long time ago. So now I plod on with my damaged baggage dreaming of something I can only imagine.

But I am sure, as long as I jot down all I can and keep reaching out to people, one day my dreams will come true. I am working on my second novel, which will shock the pants off this world, but I know you will enjoy it.

And I am still blogging short stories and creative writing; from time to time waving my poetic pen across the paper for you too.

So keep reading

And keep your pens busy.

Psycho for life!! Haha!



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10 responses to “Why Mental-Illness Can Save Someone’s Life

  1. So I tried to click like but my phone is being a total idiot! Anyways,I like this 🙂
    It’s true, writers with a certain background and a uhm…different perception of sanity have a huge advantage!
    And you will get there, I know that. And then I can say: ‘I use to know that famous writer. We wrote together! No really! What? You don’t believe me? You ask if I am crazy? Uhm…well… 😉
    Hugz & Love ♥


    • And when I do I will be at all of your Bestseller book signings… “Me First! – Me First, No Pushing!!” lol And hey, if neither of us make it, we always know there is room for us back in the nut house. Haha!

      Thanks for this honey!

      Love you Patty!


      • O, we will make it!
        You don’t think that the world can resist us do you? 😉
        Love you too Alex!
        Keep writing hon, you’re awesome. ♥ X


      • I know I am awesome, but its good to hear it at least once a day haha! And we’re too good looking and too talented not to be snapped up by some big time publishing agency haha! Their loss if they do. 🙂



      • Some day my friend, some day.
        We will be so awesome that they can’t ignore us!
        And we are still young! Uhm…alright, you are young and I am not that old yet! Hahaha! 😉

        I can’t wait until I can read your novel! I know that I will love it!

        Love & Hugz ♥


      • I have yellow postet notes all over my room, with certain ideas and quotes and sayings. I’m really starting to look crazy again lol

        Mwah Patty!


  2. Great post. It’s not easy to cope with mental health problems, especially if those closest to you don’t seem to understand.

    Best of luck with your writing. I think you’re doing well to keep it up. I’m trying to keep my writing going too. I self-published a novel last year, hoping to publish another later this year. 🙂


  3. This was a great read.

    So, does non-conformity have a fuzzy border with craziness? In what context does this occur? As I think of this I realise that it boils down to the deep-rooted insecurity that is present in most of us that makes us look for stereotypes and what, to us, is familiar. There is so much comfort in conforming with the known rather than the unknown isn’t it?



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