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Who am I?

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I’m a walking nightmare, my hands around my own throat, can’t shake awake! I’m dying to write dynamic dynamite; writing is my form of dialysis, I need all the badness out. A mental state of emergence has now been issued to you, personally. This is no jocularity; I mean this all the way down to my tormented soul. I’m rattling and shaking, I’m not afraid; you will twig-on when I snap. I’m digging up my own past, shovel in hand; I need answers and resolve some unfinished business, so you can lollop around my questions but remember this is my job, I write like a boss.

Misanthropy over here! So you’re either with me or against me, I’m going to war with humankind. I swindle and hustle my way out from my psychiatrist meetings; they label my big-toe as sane and packed me back to the free-world I am coming to conquer. If you were smarter you would have caught me out. I bring no attention to my shell, I blend in, disappear and robot-dance my way into the crowd, my circuits have shorted but this has made me a bigger man. If you knew my story, you would burn my book.

I’m heat-seeking for inner-peace,

But before I be seated,

These are my proposed proceedings,

I’m pulling out all my deep seeded beliefs,

A concocted mix of special needs, my inner-beast and deceit,

These are the things which live deep in me.

I am a soldier of the apocalypse,

Holding hostage every major metropolis,

If you can’t topple this, copy this,

Looking for my mind,

As I look for a lost wish.

I’m not a writer; I am the reaper of words,

My life is on an egg-timer,

What can be worse than being the worst?

Strand by strand,

I stand before you less than half the man,

I’m a problem they buried,

Now it’s time to raise hell,

The feeling of lost and deserted,

“This is what you deserve, kid.”

I cut myself to excel the bad blood,

It’s all fun in Hell,

Fall down this wonder-well,

Hurry-up before it gets backed up.

I’ve lost my mind,

A search and rescue team,

They can’t find me,

Yeah, laugh it up!

Back when I was fighting for life,

It was frightening,

My personal war of Clash of the Titans.

It’s time to unbind the blind,

And just enjoy the ride.


I’m not coming down from this high, until I am grounded and surrounded by stars. An operated opened sternum sense of a nonsensical life, I have. My real name is Addict, I pour a bowl of Pill-pops, add my milk or vodka-shots and spoon my mouth what it needs. No more secrets, I am an opened book… I need help, I think. I have isolated all I love with my ice-cold heart. I am living a double life and people are fatigued trying to figure me out. How do I join the living again?

Welcome once again to my ribaldry! Sanctimoniously I dribble around what I truly need to deliver, but effusively I fumble my falsehood. I am a walking, writing blob of human but with a side dollop of insane lollop; you can be just like me. Still impecunious, but that is okay, one day I will dream and wake to a happy ever after. Perhaps I am impervious to a happier time? What I truly am in most eyes is an indemnifying writing object. I have a storm in my heart and love within my eyes; can’t I just touch the tip? Insatiable! I’m I accurately jejune to you?

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Hundreds Of Followers On WordPress.com But Only A Few Likes. Why?


Is anyone out there?

Who knows? Who cares?

Follow my blog?

All of you don’t like so don’t share.

Alex to the rescue, again!

Sarah King E-mails. – “Hi Alex, I love your writing. (Thanks, Sarah.) I have been blogging about a year longer than most bloggers on WordPress.com but why are they getting the followers and likes? Thanks. And when are you going to post another story online, I need my fantasy fix. Sarah King – New York”

Hi Sarah and everyone, I am going to explain WordPress.com blogging quickly from my P.O.V. (Point-Of-View)

I have hundreds of followers on my blog, yes. – But why? You ask, am I getting perhaps 10 to 20 likes on each post. The reason behind this, WordPress.com is like a stream of information; once you throw your rock in, it gets a few glistens before it is washed away.

The same principle work on your behalf but what you have to remember, if you live in New York, the time difference from all your followers elsewhere are going to be. And let’s just say that most of your followers live in Great Britain (I do! I do!) By the time you have thrown you post onto your blog and left it; other posts would have taken over; so when the tired-eyed Brits wake up and log-on to WordPress.com they completely miss your post.

I mean yes, you can wade through the information-stream, but it takes time, so if you would like to reach a larger market make sure you tag and categorise your posts properly.

Don’t be one of those quitter-type-people-the-ones-who-quit! Because blogging is not as easy as everyone thinks, go make paper-planes. And I see blogs all over with 35,677 Hits or thousands-upon-thousands of followers. But this is a craptastic world we live in because we love crap! But these blogs have been web-steroid with geek-power and a butt-load of money, so obviously they are going to get all the followers, subscribers, first page on Google and Bing searches and all the post likes.

Hey, I am happy in my corner with my 10 likes every time I blog, it may not mean a lot to you, but it does to me. I sleep better knowing this, I mean I would still sleep if it were 15,000 hits on one post, but sadly that reality is just not meant for some of us just yet, bide your time on the blogging scene, you may find all you are looking for.

Oh… And can I just say to some of my followers, yes, I will be posting some more stories online, perhaps Sunday about Midnight GMT.



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I Need Help To Write! – Alex Kennedy To The Rescue

Chairs, Reading

Chairs, Reading (Photo credit: moogiemedia)

I have just been sent an E-mail from a writer from America in the state of North Carolina – Dwayne Wilson. He said. “Hi Alex. I love your blog. I am getting in touch to ask you how you write so well and keep your audience without getting Trolls destroying your work. It will help a heap if you write back.” So I went from there to here. There was more to the message but this is Alex-Ville and dirty laundry in public is awful bad. (Very articulate, I know. Haha!)

If you are just like me, your own worst critic with piercing eyes over all your words and characters. STOP IT! This is what is stopping you from truly writing something great and forget what actually matters. Have you done your best? If so, no one else can judge you or say anything negative. Whether it’s a blog with your short stories, novel, songs, screenplays or poems (Any type of creative writing.) If you do your best you can sleep sound and not let the “Trollers” tear down your characters from the balcony when he needs to get up to his beautiful girlfriend. That’s a metaphor right there, re-read it.

But these people’s views do not count, they do not understand your art, you are passionate about, only you and yours come into the category of kill-joy or great feedback. But you will ultimately know deep down if your story in which ever form is ready for eyes to scan.

Do Not! I repeat… Do Not Take back-steps when writing. You’ve came this far; why back track on your newfound style, flow or form. If people are not looking, give them something to look at. Same when it comes to reading. In time they will come with their beady-eyes and start off at the mouth, that’s where you want to stay. Remember that.

I write so fast and flash to give people what they want. In short stories and flash fiction you should never use suspense, it’s too long. Make sure every line is a major part of the story and all be moving and have something happening. If you get boring for one line, you may as well tell your reader “Read me later… After your bath…. Well maybe when you wake up…. How does next week sound?” Don’t give them the chance to let their eyes blink.

And if I don’t like what someone writes about my writing, I always acknowledge what they are saying, if it’s constructive criticism. If not I brush the dirt off my shoulder and tell em’ to fuck off or suck something or put something somewhere, very – very – politely. Haha!

All you have to remember is even if one person likes it, Your job is done. You have connected to someone else and they like it. Job done, case closed. SUKKA’S!

This has been a hyperactive psychotic announcement from Creative Writer, Alexander Kennedy.

Keep those pens busy….

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What To Write About?

What to write about? Well as a writer, can I just congratulate you on your career choice or hope? If you do take up the challenge to write you must be able to imagine beyond others minds or write well, sometimes one is all you need.

From my angle I come up with ideas before I begin to write, others ways are different. In my writing cauldron I have around 50 story ideas and about 7 of those I keep close to my chest until I do make an impact because I know these ideas will be the ones to make my writing live forever.

But chose your View Point! – If love is your pens turn on then that should be, I do love to read a lovely love story. It can be anything.

Waiting at the bus stop, the rain is laughing on me. Black garbage bag in tow; I am leaving, along with splashes from gutters spurts from passing cars, luck is really helping to place a cherry on this cake.

The number 10 is located in the distance; an old woman jumps queue and elbows in front of me, awesome. My voice is still horse from mine and the bitches fight, so battling an old haggard possible termagant woman is far from my minds cloud.

I step onto the bus and dunk in my money and scan for a seat, nothing; the old bag took the last one. Standing tough is what I am good at so why not a little more.

“Hello, you can come and sit next to me, if you like?” A back seated voice says.

I glance over aimlessly. Wow. The girl waving in my direction is beautiful; she couldn’t be waving at me, could she?

I edge through the buggies and people’s knees to the seat of my dreams. I sit slowly but rather uncaring.

I look over and with a nod “Worst day ever until you helped me out with one kind gesture, thank you.” She smiles and brushes her hair behind her ear.

“I would rather sit next to you than someone I didn’t want to sit next with, plus into the bargain, your good-looking.”

See! – Write what you know or who you know indirectly. The best way to write is to take them from memory or others life stories. (Always ask for permission to take if they are other writers.)

But it can be about anything.

  • A night when you walked home from a friend’s house and there was no one else around and you thought there was something else with you.
  • A love feeling you have for another person when you were in a relationship with some else.


Always take what you know onto the page.

This has been a psychotic announcement from Alexander Kennedy.


Keep those pens busy….


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