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I have that Spark – Poem


I have that Spark – Poem

Whatever the weather, whether I wither or whether I’m sempiternal,

Fired-up and eternal,

I’m a spirally turning as an inferno tornado,

These drugs had me tied-up,

Now I rise up as a periscope to show the way home,

I have some revenge to cash-in by the pay-load,

You’re not saving this damned kid,

This demon is going to flay his soul,

Stealing the meaning of his life, Hey-Ho!

All of my words have been censored gold,

I’m pulling this world apart as a centre-fold,

There’s no end to my road,

So there’s no sending me home,

I’m living in the darkness of a Hell’s hole,

And it’s impenetrable,

A mission impossible from this psychiatric hospital,

I’m breaking out, I bet you all!

This pencil bestows thunder in my hands,

We’re all crazy here!

I’m Alice in Wonderland,

My colours blur to overstate what’s over here,

I’m passing you it with an underhand.

This is all one man’s mad mind,

Run while you can still hide,

Love while you still have,

Because I’m taking all you hold in your hearts,

Charting towards the cold water with sharks,

Don’t bank on me coming back as me,

Because I’m blowing your homes down with gasoline,

As I have the spark.


Creative Writer Alexander Kennedy.

And just a heads-up me and my girlfriend are having a baby boy! So Happy!









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An Epic Duet: The Beautiful, the Bad and the Psychotic – Part 4

Part 4 of the duet poem I wrote with my friend Just Patty! This is probably going to break the record of longest duet poem on WordPress lol! So brace yourself my friends! 😉

Here we have it PART 4 of An Epic Duet: The Beautiful, the Bad and the Psychotic. Like I have stated to my wonderful writing partner in crime, this is my favourite poem as I love the formation of the words in both verses and also the wordplay. So read, enjoy and click the like button.

So please like this post and then jump over to her page and like that as well and while you’re there have a browse around because we love to know we’re loved. http://petitemagique.wordpress.com/

New mePatty


Alex –> http://youngadultfictionblog.com/

Just Patty–>http://petitemagique.wordpress.com/



The Beautiful, the Bad and the Psychotic

Part 4

Alex & Just Patty

I have a hair-raising defiance,

Air-raid sirens,

Partners in crime,

For all of time,

We could be two blood diamonds,

This world can’t find us,

I’m hurtling a quiet riot,

You’re quite right,

I have lost my mind,

The bad memories have me lost in time,

Eating ice with a frostbite,

This foreigner has crossed the line,

Feeling fine,

Deep in fire,

Sleeping wild,

Keep in time,

I’m dancing to my words,

They call me cuckoo,

But I’m only an angry bird,

Who knew?

It wasn’t a bang on the head,


I’m hanging on by a thread,

You too?

I have a maddening pride

Soft whispering

Work together as one

Until we become undone

We could be two innocent diamonds

This world will hide us

I’m singing with the vultures

You’re so wrong

You are just lost

Memories have you lost in time

But I will find you

This guide has messed you up

Feelings stop

Deep in water

Drowning silently

Stay in line

I’m dancing on the moon

They call me crazy

But I am only a free spirit

I knew

Sometime the world shifts beneath our feet


It’s not something you really need

Do you?

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